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Fully Compatible with ACE3 and ZEUS.

Not Compatible with MCC (if GAIA is not enabled).

Not Compatible with other AI mods (Vcom, ASR,ALIVE and LAMBS).

RELEASE 1.3.7:

With new release ODKAI use overwrite the Arma Danger.Fsm

A button in Debug can disable the Danger,fsm also.

Now HeadlessClient Interface take in auto all AI groups when connected.

Only 1 HC can be Used at time by ODKAI.


- Units will improve the awareness of the enemy based of a calculation of what type of rifle is used, if silenced and how far away they heard the sound of the shot.

- Added ODK Cover System for Players. (RELEASE 1.3.3)

- Added keybinding menu for cover system.

- Added configuration menu to change settings.

- Added Configurable flag in 3DEN on units for disable ODKAI Fsm. (RELEASE 1.3.6)

- Added Configurable flag in 3DEN on groups for disable HQ commands. (RELEASE 1.3.6)

- Added Configurable flag in 3DEN on empty vehicles for don't be considered by units. (RELEASE 1.3.6)

- Added keybinding menu for Debug Mode. (default key F2) (RELEASE 1.3.6)

- Added Debug Mode only for all AdminServer and single player too.  (RELEASE 1.3.6)

- Markers "DIFENDI_" now are managed by HQ dinamicaly (adding or removing markers named "DIFENDI_" HQ move reinforcement or stop move reinforcement) (RELEASE 1.3.6)

- Added new features for Debug Mode; (RELEASE 1.3.7)

- Added HC Interface; (RELEASE 1.3.7)




HC Section:

- HeadlessClient can now manage all AI;

- A dinamic System check if HC is in game and give all AI groups to him;

if HC disconnected all groups return to server manage;

HQ Section (improvement with HQ):

- adding a new unit and set his variable name to "COMANDANTE_ODKAI" (faction commander) the HQ function will be enabled, managing all units in the map and creating a safe area around the choosen commander wich will be always guarded by a squad.

- by creating a new marker "CENTROBASE_ODKAI" the safe area will be put in place around the marker (the commander will send some units to occupy it) and create a pole with the speaker and a generator, if a unit is spotted in a 200m radius, an alarm will blast and units will be called to clean and guard the area, except for those units in “HOLD”. This can be set off with an action on the generator.

- all units without "HOLD” waypoints can be used by the HQ module (if active) as reinforcements.They will be called near the objective.

- in case of enemy contact the nearest patrol units will be used as reinforcement.

- HQ module will send reinforcements units in all marker named "difendi_" (es. difendi_1,difendi_2,difendi_3...etc) if the units will be suppressed, the HQ module will send reinforcements, only in case of marker deletion the HQ module will stop to send reinforcements.

- AI squads are able to use any mortar pieces and HQ will manage it directly.

- AI squad sends and receive communication to and from the HQ about its position, enemy position and team status with a regular interval.

- squad leaders have to finish an animation when talking to HQ, or the information will not be delivered.

- All Darter drones will be managed exclusively by the HQ at the start of a mission, darters will take off or be assembled by the unit carrying it, and will patrol the air and follow spotted enemies.

-HQ now manage all allied faction. (RELEASE 1.3.2)

-HQ now manage UAV. (RELEASE 1.3.3)

INFANTRY UNITS (improvement Without HQ)

- the AI Squad will be able to use any vehicle within a 100 mt. radius from the squad, only in case the vehicles are able to transport the entire team.

- the AI Squad is able to ear any engine on within a certain distance,spot IR lasers if wearing NVG.

- loadout is analyzed continuously by the AI in order to choose the best available loadout.

- units can use AT and AP mines, AP mines can be placed also indoor.

- units suppressed or injured can side roll to evade fire.

- during nightime units can use nvg and ir lasers, or torchs and chemlights if equipped.

- in order to join in combat situation, any ambientAnimation can be interrupted by the AI.

- all units starting with a "Hold" waypoint will maintain the original position limited only from moving away, they can for example switch to prone position, fire whit a static weapon or toss a grenade.

- all units using static launchers without "Hold" waypoint and without the presence of a high-priority target will disenbark to engage nearby infantry units.

- AI without "HOLD” waypoints is able to evaluate nearby static weapons and choose the right one depending on the target type.

- AI squads are able to use any artillery pieces.

- Ai squad will switch to combat behaviour only if a unit is equipped with an AA launcher and within 1km from an enemy aircraft, if the Launcher is not present in a unit's loadout the squad will switch to aware behaviour.

- AI squad will engage an armored vehicle within a 1km (500mt for boats) or will move away from it when a unit with an AT launcher is not present.

- By evaluating the enemy position, wind direction and wind strength the AI will use smoke grenades in order to have the best covering smoke wall.

- AI aim' script will improve precision based on how long the enemy, or part of it, remains in the unit's field of view. The rifle sway caused by prolonged aiming will also be simulated.

- units equipped with a sniper or a marksman rifle will be more skilled and able to spot enemies from within 1.5km, they will search for the best overwatch position.

- AI always seeks for armed vehicles.

- AI is always looking for enemies inside the buildings by cleaning it, if a team unit has an explosive charge, they can use it on the structure.

- If the AI squad is under attack and nearby building with good spots (windows, doors) is present they will occupy it in order to engage the enemy with good cover.

- The suicide action will be put in place by the last unit in case an explosive charge is present in his inventory.

- they perform flanking manoeuvres.

- Units with machine Guns will do soppressive fire. (RELEASE 1.3.2)

- Group units with syncronized waypoint to triggers don't be considered by HQ. (RELEASE 1.3.5)

- Civilian Faction now if find near vehicles,go away whit them; (RELEASE 1.3.7)

- Firerate of AI infantry increases at closer ranges; (RELEASE 1.3.7)


- crew will choose the right weapons depending on the target type.

- crew can search for a good overwatch position.

- A damaged armed vehicle under attack can leave the combat area using smokes as covers and be repaired by AI to return to combat.

- If an armed vehicle is damaged and not in combat the commander can send out the driver to fix various parts of it.

- If an armed vehicle is provided with HE ammo and the enemy position is inside a building, then it will destroy the structure.

- Armed Vehicles are more aggressive and use all kind of weapons; (RELEASE 1.3.2)

- Military Convoy,vehicles speed is limited by the slowest one; (all convoy units in the same group) (RELEASE 1.3.2)


- All Air Vehicles are more aggressive and use all kind of weapons,also CAS on enemy position; (RELEASE 1.3.5)

- All Vehicles (air,land and drones) with laser designator can target all kind of enemy,also building with enemy inside; (RELEASE 1.3.5)

- All Armed Vehicles (air and drones) with magazines laser guided fire at laser designation position; (RELEASE 1.3.5)

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